Help Protect Tibet's Children

If we don't act now, my culture, one of the world's most ancient ones, will be lost within a generation. Please donate to support Tibet’s children today.

Under cover of the information blackout in Tibet, the Chinese Communist Party has constructed a massive colonial boarding school system. Tibet’s children from as young as four years old, are deliberately subjected to the Chinese authority’s political indoctrination aimed at erasing their very identity with huge negative consequences for the future of my country Tibet. 

Here are a few ways your donation will make a vital difference in protecting Tibet’s children:

  • £5 will fund advocacy work amongst policymakers to speak out against these schools.
  • £10 will target G7 leaders and demand they use their power to effect change. 
  • £30 will fund a speaking tour for Tibetan researcher Dr Gyal Lo. As the world-leading expert on colonial boarding schools in Tibet, his verbal testimony will be vital for raising awareness.

Thank you for continuing to support the protection of my people's future and our culture.

- Tenzin Kunga (Advocacy Officer).  

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