End the exploitation of Tibet

Tibet Water Resources Limited (TWRL) is a Chinese government-backed company that exploits Tibet's occupation in order to steal and bottle its water. They take glacial spring water from a region of Tibet steeped in spiritual tradition and revered by many Tibetans, and sell it as a luxury product on the Chinese market.

Now, one of the world’s biggest sports teams, the UK’s Liverpool Football Club, has signed a lucrative sponsorship deal with TWRL. This deal is a way for the company to legitimise their operation on the global stage and indicates that they are intent on expanding their reach to western markets.

The deal represents a rare opportunity for us to hit back at one of the many Chinese businesses that exploit Tibet's occupation - businesses that are usually protected from outside influence by operating entirely within Communist Party controlled arenas.

We are calling on Liverpool Football Club to drop this unethical new deal with TWRL. Not only will this hit China's profits (and their pride), but it will show western organisations that there will be a backlash if they engage with these exploitative businesses in the future.

Help us send a strong message that they won't get away with it! Help us pressure Liverpool FC into dropping the deal.

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