Free Lhundrub Drakpa

Lhundrub Drakpa's family haven't heard from him in four years.

Lhundrub Drakpa is a popular Tibetan singer from Driru County in Nagchu, central Tibet. In March 2019, he released his song “Black Hat", which criticises Chinese Communist Party policies, singing how "the voice of the six million Tibetans is gagged" and lamenting the "sorrow of the people of the Land of Snow".

 By May 2019, he had been arrested.

After more than a year in detention, during which time he was beaten, Lhundrub Drakpa stood trial and, in June 2020, was sentenced to six years in prison. His current location is unknown.

Tibetan political prisoners are routinely denied medical treatment, barred from access to family and lawyers, and tortured.

Since the Day of the Disappeared, 30 August 2023, we have affirmed our commitment to seeing Lhundrub Drakpa released and stand in solidarity with him and Tibet's other political prisoners.

Use our simple tool to contact the TAR Regional Government, urging them to release Lhundrub Drakpa immediately.

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