Help end surveillance in Tibet

In Tibet today, Tibetans are subject to some of the most repressive surveillance on the planet. Social media and messaging is monitored, households are forced to spy on each other, Communist Party officials are stationed in every village, and security cameras are widespread in monasteries. No one can speak without consequences. Those who are caught criticising the regime face disappearance, and the prospect of years of abuse and torture in Chinese prisons.
"How horrible it is! I dare not look around in a casual manner, dare not move around freely. Armed personnel are everywhere, police are in every corner."
-Tibetan living in Lhasa
At Free Tibet we are committed to making the world aware of the realities in Tibet. Only in this way will we force China to change. Our report into surveillance in Tibet will be shared with journalists, governments and the United Nations. It will be the most detailed account of surveillance in Tibet ever produced. Please support this important work.

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