Join Free Tibet

For decades China has heavily restricted the information coming out of Tibet, rarely allowing foreign journalists into the country and preventing Tibetans from leaving. Much of what happens in Tibet has always remained shrouded in mystery. But we can change this.

Thanks to major advances in the effectiveness of satellite photography, we are able to commission satellites to capture images of Tibet with unprecedented levels of clarity. We have already exposed the exploitative mining practices at Lake Zabuye, fire damage at Jokhang Temple and the scale of demolitions in Yarchen Gar and Larung Gar, two important sites for Tibetan Buddhism.

While this is a major leap forward for the Tibetan freedom movement, images of this detail remain costly. In order to use these as a regular resource, we need to see an increase in regular financial support.

By joining Free Tibet you can help us to use this new technology to maximum effect. Together, we can show the world what is really happening in Tibet.