The investigation is urgent

Make no mistake: the Tibetan language is not disappearing. It is being erased by force.

This appeal could fund the first report on linguicide to combine testimonies from Tibetans with open-source policy research.

Your donation could be the tipping point.

£12 will help produce the report. You're helping with core costs, especially printing expenses. Free Tibet’s Advocacy Officer, Kunga, will get copies to key reporters, MPs, foreign ministers and ambassadors.

£25 will support ongoing research and monitoring work. You’re supporting the expert team of researchers and campaigners who monitor CCP movements.

£50 could support a launch event at the Houses of Parliament. Your donation will help Free Tibet to press the UK government to speak out against linguicide.

Free Tibet will process the information you provide for the purposes of collecting your donation(s) and may share your details with a third party for this purpose. Your details will not be shared with any other organisations for their own marketing purposes. Further details can be found in our privacy policy.

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