Liverpool FC: Stop supporting occupation

Tibet Water Resources Limited (TWRL) exploits the natural resources of Tibet, a country that has been under brutal military occupation for nearly 70 years. Now one of the world's biggest football teams, Liverpool FC, have signed a sponsorship deal with them.

Companies like TWRL are only able to take Tibet's resources because of the occupation, an occupation propped up by repression and human rights abuses. 

The Chinese government knows it can only continue to get away with repression in Tibet if its occupation has legitimacy. And associating Tibet with major global brands like Liverpool FC is a great way to normalise the brutal situation.

Premier League clubs have never been richer, with Liverpool receiving tens of millions of pounds from TV and prize money last year. The club has also returned to the Champions League, earning them tens of millions more -- they can easily afford to drop this reckless deal.

Tibetans have been protesting the move already, handing out leaflets at Liverpool matches and contacting the club's directors to warn them of the damage this deal risks doing. Now they need our help -- send a message to John W.Henry, Liverpool FC's owner, to let him know that supporting the military occupation and exploitation of Tibet’s resources is not an option.

Liverpool FC -- stand up for Tibetans and cancel the deal with Tibet Water Resources Limited.