UN High Commissioner: Protect Tibet's Children

China has separated nearly one million Tibetan children from their parents, forcing them to live in colonial boarding schools - cutting them off from their families, language, and religion while subjecting them to intense political indoctrination day in and day out.

While China has oppressed the Tibetan people for decades, it is now directly targeting Tibetan children as part of Xi Jinping’s master plan to eliminate Tibetan language and identity once and for all.

Turning a blind eye to the seriousness of the situation, UN Human Rights Chief Michelle Bachelet has failed to speak up for Tibet since taking office in 2018. Her failure to hold China accountable for its atrocities in Tibet only further emboldens Chinese leaders. 

Take action now: demand the UN High Commissioner for human rights break her silence on Tibet and investigate China's colonial boarding schools for Tibetan children!

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