Remove CCP propaganda from the LA Times

In recent years, content branded China Watch has appeared inside the print edition of the Los Angeles Times, a respected publication with a global reach.

This content comes straight from China Daily, a propaganda outlet controlled by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

China Daily has praised “democratic” rule in occupied Tibet, promoted the CCP’s handling of the coronavirus crisis and covered up prison camps where some two million Uyghurs are detained.

Some of this content has even found its way into the Los Angeles Times. In November the newspaper contained a China Watch supplement praising the opportunities China provides for rural Tibetans – many of whom have been forced from their lands – to retrain and learn new skills.

The paid content in these supplements is nothing less than a deliberate attempt by the CCP to promote itself to an international audience and deflect attention from its human rights abuses.

Thanks to your support, we have campaigned for several newspapers, including the Economist, Telegraph, Sydney Morning Herald and Wall Street Journal to drop CCP propaganda. Let’s tell the Los Angeles Times to follow suit.

Contact the editors of the Los Angeles Times today, urging them to drop China Watch.

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