Reveal the truth about Tibet

For 30 years, Free Tibet has been at the forefront of sourcing information from inside Tibet, and publicising the stories that make it out. During this time, the Chinese authorities have done everything they can to cover these stories up, from tightening Tibet’s borders to locking up the Tibetans who dare to speak out. Now Free Tibet is going over their heads to expose the truth. By making use of the latest advances in satellite technology, we are turning the tide and exposing China’s lies.

During the past year we have commissioned satellites to show the destruction of Tibet’s unique landscapes like never before. This is an unprecedented opportunity to document the havoc wreaked by the military occupation, and present the damning evidence to the world. In the face of overwhelming evidence, the Chinese government will have nowhere to hide and its human rights abuses in Tibet can no longer be denied.

As Beijing tries harder and harder to seal Tibetans inside the world’s largest open-air prison, we can match them every step of the way. We can monitor their human rights abuses and show their environmental damage to the wider world, all the while ensuring that the millions of Tibetans that China is trying to cut off from the world will never be silenced.

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