Stop China's War on Buddhism

The Chinese Communist Party sees Tibetan Buddhism as a threat to its rule and a challenge to its colonisation of Tibet. As a result, Tibetan Buddhism is in more danger now than ever before.

The destruction in Drago County is just one, of countless, examples of the ever-increasing attacks on religion in Tibet.

“This task will not be easy but if we do not act now the damage done to Tibet’s religion and culture will never recover.” Tenzin Kunga, Advocacy Officer, Free Tibet

How will your donation make a crucial difference in stopping China's war on Buddhism?

£5 will fund parliamentary advocacy. Your donation will back receptive parliamentarians in speaking out against religious persecution in Tibet. 

£10 will fund a series of demonstrations bringing to life the unique beauty and significance of Tibetan Buddhism. This will be essential in spreading our message.

A donation of £30 will bring Tibet to a wider audience. Working with others in the wider movement and with your support, we will take our campaign across the world.

Will you stand with Tibetans as they defend their religion? Please act now by making a donation.

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