Sign the Petition calling on Drapchi prison Director to Free Wangdu

Wangdu was arrested in March 2008 during the protests against the Chinese occupation that swept across Tibet. He was charged with espionage and sentenced to life imprisonment for sending an email about the crackdowns he witnessed on Tibetan protesters. The Chinese authorities claimed that he harmed “the security and interests of the nation.” 

Wangdu is believed to be detained in Drapchi Prison, but no information has been made available about his location or condition since 2012.  

Wangdu is part of Free Tibet's In The Dark campaign, which aims to find disappeared Tibetans and work for their release. We are working on the cases of eight political prisoners held by the Chinese authorities, all of whom remain cut off from the world with little or no information about their location or current condition. Urge China to release them and respect human rights!

To find out more about the other cases please visit our campaign page

Add your voice to our petition, calling on the Director of Drapchi Prison to release Wangdu:


Dear Director,

We are writing to you to raise the case of Wangdu [旺堆], who is serving a life sentence in Drapchi Prison.

There has been no public information on Wangdu’s status since 2012, we he was described as being kept in solitary confinement in the prison hospital with injuries resulting from beatings in prison.

The lack of information over Wangdu’s location and current condition raises concerns that he is at risk of further torture or other forms of ill-treatment, and that he could also be being denied access to necessary medical treatment.

We have contacted the authorities to demand that Wangdu’s  conviction is overturned. In the meantime, in accordance with the Prison Law of the People's Republic of China, the National Human Rights Action Plan of China 2012-2015 and international legal standards, we call on you as the person responsible for his treatment to:

  • Ensure he is not tortured (Article 14, Prison Law of the People’s Republic of China)
  • Ensure his prison conditions preserve his dignity (Article 7, Prison Law of PRC) and comfort, including appropriate clothing (including monks’ robes), warmth, toilet and bathing facilities, recreational and educational opportunities and personal space
  • Ensure he is provided with adequate food and water and that he receives prompt, effective medical treatment wherever needed, for new and existing health problems (Section II, Human Rights Action Plan)
  • Ensure he is given full access to a lawyer of his choosing, and is able to submit appeals and complaints about his treatment to resident procurators without hindrance (Section II, Human Rights Action Plan)
  • Ensure he has complete freedom to practise his religious devotions and duties (Article 52, Prison Law of PRC and Article 36, Constitution of the People’s Republic of China)
  • Ensure his family is informed of his location (Article 20, Prison Law of PRC) and that they are able to visit him (Article 47)
  • Ensure he is free to send and receive correspondence (Article 47, Prison Law of PRC)
  • We also urge you to use your power and discretion wherever the law allows it to support Wangdu’s early release through parole, medical leave or other means.
  • We look forward to your assurances that he is receiving this treatment, to which he is entitled under the aforementioned legal provisions.

Yours sincerely


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