Stop China's War on Buddhism

Tibetan Buddhism has never faced a greater threat. Every day the Chinese government furthers its destruction of the religion that stands at the heart of Tibet’s unique culture. 

Its latest outrage is its destruction of religious sites in Tibet’s Drago County, including three large Buddhist statues of huge significance to the community. Members of the community who opposed the demolitions or expressed grief have been detained and tortured.

We must demand our governments take action. Add your voice to our petition, urging our foreign ministers to contact the Chinese government with the following demands:

  1. Push for foreign missions to be granted access to Drago County to assess the damage to religious sites
  2. Collaborate with the Tibetan community to restore the demolished sites and statues with respect and in accordance with their spiritual leaders and traditional practices.
  3. Release all Tibetans who have been arbitrarily detained in Drago County for sharing information about, opposing or expressing sadness about these demolitions.
  4. Respect the Tibetan people’s rights to freedom of religion and culture and immediately cease practices that violate these rights.


Read the full petition text here


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