Make sure Free Tibet is at Thermo Fisher HQ when it counts.

The Chinese government has taken DNA samples from as many as 1.2 million Tibetans, including children as young as five. They're still using DNA testing kits from Thermo Fisher, a billion dollar US company who continue to be complicit in China's human rights abuses. So far, Thermo Fisher have dodged our questions.

But you can tell that we’ve had an impact, because Thermo Fisher don’t want shareholders to hear Tibetan voices at the AGM on 24th May. At short notice, they’ve switched from an in-person to online event. That won't stop us from making noise.

Your donation will help fund Tenzin Rabga, our Digital and Communications Officer, to co-organise the demonstrations at Thermo Fisher HQ, and will support his ongoing campaign work.

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  • GB Linda W 21.09.2023 16:15
  • DNA is the very heart of a person. GB Laia L 06.09.2023 18:05
  • I believe wholly that people should be free to choose their own destiny! No-one has the right to choose what is best for others. Oppression is ghastly and unjust. GB Nicola J G 24.07.2023 21:19
  • It's an appalling abuse of human rights! GB Lesley R 23.07.2023 16:14